Agricultural and Winery Holdings Tuscany (Siena)

Rif: DTRE7000AV € 7.000.000

  • Area: Montepulciano
  • Town: Valiano
  • Total area: 680 Mq
  • Rooms: 23
  • Agricultural and Winery Holdings: Energy Class 8, Buone
  • Garden: 5.000 Mq


Prestigious farm in montepulciano with two beautiful farmhouses inside, as well as a winemaking and aging cellar, which extends for 38.75.40 hectares devided as follows: 36 hectares of the vineyard of which, ha 6 vino nobile di montepulciano docg, ha 4 rosso di montepulciano doc, ha 2 vin santo di montepulciano / occhio di pemice doc, ha 2.5 valdichiana rosso and rosato doc, ha 14 cortona doc, ha 7 igt toscana, coppice ha, 2, olive grove ha 0.5, tare, courtyard, etc. ha 0.5. historic product for the doc of montepulciano and with an excellent turnover, all with closed gates except wine. the interventions carried out or in progress up to now, both from the agricultural point of view (vineyard systems and agricultural arrangements in general) and construction (renovation of the main buildings) have been aimed at respecting and enhancing the environmental peculiarities of the places and buildings themselves. the first vineyards, of which only about 4.5 hectares remain, date back to the 1970s; since the end of the 90s the company has undertaken the complete and gradual renewal of the plants, with selected clones and high-density plant sixths; 2.70 hectares were uprooted in 2007 and replanted in the first months of 2008. in 2009, 2 hectares were replanted, for a total renewal of the company's viticultural heritage. the company is run with the help of permanent and temporary workers.


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